Common Credit Card Questions People Wonder About: Part 1

No matter how much information is out there about credit cards, there still seems to be many unanswered questions people have about them. Here are 3 common credit card questions people wonder about:     

Should I get a card with an annual fee? – Because there are so many awesome fee-free credit cards on the market, you probably shouldn’t be stuck with a card that has fees in the first place. Weigh the pros and cons for the best answer.

Should my kid have a credit card? – It may seem like the “it” thing for a teenager to have, but unless they have a job to pay down the balance the answer is no.

Will it hurt if I close out the account on a credit card? – If you want to raise your FICO, the answer is probably no. It doesn’t add points to your score.

Be on the lookout for part 2 of Common Credit Card Questions People Wonder About for answers to the most common credit card questions.

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