What Is Your Credit Card Terms & Conditions Really Saying

When you’re ready to apply for a new credit card, keep in mind the terms and conditions. Read through them carefully. By doing so, you ensure that you are aware of all the following:

Introductory rates – These are rates offered by the company and will go up after the introductory period is over.
Annual fees – These are fees charged by the company each year for using the credit card. It is not the same as the interest rate.
Overseas transaction fees – These are additional fees charged if you use your credit card out of the country. This is important if you travel abroad often.
Details of any 0% APR – This is their guarantee that they won’t charge interest on anything you buy for a certain period of time.
Balance transfer fees – This is when you pay off the existing balance on a card by transferring it to another card.
Miscellaneous – These are any other things you should be aware of. Every company is different, so pay attention to details.

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